‘He Did Not Expect to Win’: Gloria Borger Says Trump Ran for POTUS to Get Better Apprentice Contract


In an already much-discussed interview with Reuters, President Donald Trump reflected on the job of being president, stating that he thought “it would be easier” and that it was “more work” than in his “previous life.”

Well, the way one CNN political analyst sees it, Trump never wanted to win in the first place and was really just hoping to use the presidential race as leverage to get more money for hosting his hit reality TV show.

During a panel discussion on the Reuters piece, Gloria Borger went all-in on the notion that the current leader of the free world wasn’t in it to win it in the beginning.

Following correspondent Dana Bash’s comments that no one was more surprised to win on Election Day than Trump and that he tossed his hat into the ring as a “lark,” Borger made this observation:

“Look, he went at this because he was trying to get a better contract on The Apprentice. Okay? That — that’s the story. He did not expect to win. And this is just not — this is a little more difficult than a reality TV show.”

This isn’t something that Borger just pulled out of thin air. Shock jock Howard Stern — who had Trump on his program dozens of times over the years — said the same thing earlier this year, while also stating that Trump never actually wanted to be president.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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