Here’s The Fox Interview That Got Former Green Beret and Trump ‘Hero’ Indicted for Murder


Over the weekend, Donald Trump tweeted that he will be “reviewing” the case of former Green Beret Major Mathew Golsteyn, who has been charged with murder in the 2010 killing of an Afghan national who was suspected of being a Taliban bomb maker. Golsteyn confessed to the killing in a 2016 interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier.

During a special edition of Baier’s show entitled “How We Fight,” Golsteyn gave his description of the circumstances surrounding the killing, telling Baier that “There’s limits on how long you can hold guys. You realize quickly that you make things worse. It is an inevitable outcome that people who are cooperating with coalition forces, when identified, will suffer some terrible torture or be killed.”

In the interview, Baier asked Golsteyn “Did you kill the Taliban bomb-maker?”

“Yes,” Golsteyn replied.

That interview caused the U.S. Army to reopen its investigation into Golsteyn, which had formerly been closed without filing charges. Last week, Golsteyn was recalled to active duty to face a murder charge for the killing.

This wasn’t the first time Golsteyn had confessed to the killing, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post relating to Golsteyn’s 2011 job interview with the CIA:

“CPT Golsteyn related there had been countless times when he detained someone and sent that person to a detention facility only to see that same person shooting at his unit weeks later,” the Army investigator’s summary of Golsteyn’s polygraph test said. “CPT Golsteyn stated he had no qualms about what he did because he couldn’t have lived with himself if [the suspected bomb maker] killed another Soldier or Marine.”

According to the documents, Golsteyn recalled to CIA interviewers that he and one other unidentified U.S. soldier took the suspected bombmaker off the base, shot him to death and buried his remains in a shallow grave. He told the CIA that, later that night, he and two other soldiers dug up the remains, brought them back to their base and burned them in a pit used to dispose of trash, according to the documents.

Watch the interview above, via Fox News.

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