‘He’s Still the Same Guy’: The View Pans Trump for Throwing Lewandowski Under the Bus


Corey Lewandowski‘s firing happened just in time for today’s episode of The View, and the ladies were unimpressed with what they saw as Donald Trump‘s half-measure to foist his problems on a scapegoat.

Trump’s ex-campaign manager has been one of the most controversy-prone members of his inner-circle, and Whoopi Goldberg opined that his firing was a distraction meant to appease Trump’s critics. Goldberg went on to wonder if Trump is starting to feel the heat after being criticized so much for his delays to clarify his veteran donations, on top of various other controversies.

“I think he’s just throwing somebody else under the bus,” Goldberg said. “To me, he doesn’t take responsibility.”

Joy Behar jumped in afterwards, saying that no matter what Paul Manafort might’ve tried to do, Trump will never change who he is. Paula Faris agreed that Lewandowski’s approach would foil any chance for an evolution in Trump’s thoughts and demeanor, though Goldberg used that point to again say that Trump was trying to tie all of his problems to his now ex-campaign manager.

Having addressed this, Behar then pointed to the recent rumors and wondered whether Lewandowski’s firing was meant to be more spectacle that Trump could use in case he ever wants to drop out of politics and become the focus of his own media empire.

Watch above, via ABC.

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