Hey, Remember When Joe Scarborough Said ‘Being Black Isn’t Enough’ For Michael Steele to Be RNC Chair?

It was 2009, a more innocent age. Joe Scarborough was fresh-faced and glasses-free, and it was awkward as heck when he said something entirely inappropriate about then-RNC chair Michael Steele.

Oh, wait, it’s still awkward as heck nine years later? Let’s carry on then.

The Wrap‘s Jon Levine unearthed the almost decade-old video of Scarborough mocking Steele, saying that “Republicans are learning” that “being black isn’t enough.” The video resurfaced after CPAC communications director Ian Walters said at this year’s event that Steele was only elected RNC chair “because he’s a black guy.”

Steele appeared on Morning Joe on Monday to decry remarks as indicative of the “Trumpification” of the Republican party — with Scarborough nodding along in agreement.

But back in 2009, Scarborough made similar comments to Walters, saying of Steele that “the Republicans are learning right now, that sometimes, being black isn’t enough.”

“They thought we’re going to get a black guy to run our party,” Scarborough said, before quipping: “This is a lesson that Willie [Geist] and I learned growing up on the hardscrabble streets of the Mississippi Delta.”

The comment came after Steele walked back remarks he made about incendiary conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh.

Mika Brzezinski was visibly jarred by Scarborough’s commentary, and the co-host began to mock her. (Reminder: these two are now getting married.)

“Oh are you offended by that? I was joking,” Scarborough said. “I did not grow up a young black man on the Mississippi Delta. That was Steve Martin in The Jerk.”

Watch the train wreck above, via MSNBC.

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