Home Depot Co-Founder Defends Trump, Says Mueller Probe Should End: ‘Come Out and Say What You Got’


Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone today spoke out in defense of President Donald Trump and his achievements in office while taking a swipe at Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

After talking about his support for but also criticism of Andrew Cuomo, Langone touched on issues related to the President with Neil Cavuto.

“Give Trump credit for this,” Langone said. “He’s behaving exactly the way he behaved in the campaign. The American people didn’t get fooled by it. Those people that voted for him saw him close up in the campaign and they decided we want this guy.”

Cavuto brought up the Bob Woodward book sending shockwaves throughout the country, as well as the anonymous op-ed, and Langone expressed that he finds it “suspicious” that this is all coming out so close to the midterms.

He sounded off on former President Barack Obama‘s return to the national stage and said he should “go off into the sunset.”

And as he defended Trump he even brought up the Mueller probe:

“We live in the greatest country on Earth, and the American people spoke loud and clear. The establishment is shocked that Donald Trump won. But he won. He won fair and square. I don’t––this Mueller investigation, come on, let’s end it. Let’s decide. Come out and say what you got. There’s a notion here that this guy should not be President of the United States. I beg your pardon. He won fair and square. He won 307 electoral votes. He is our president. Respect the office of the presidency.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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