Hospital President Who Looked Pittsburgh Mass Shooter in the Eyes: ‘He Listens to the Noise’


Dr. Jeff Cohen is a member of Tree of Life synagogue and lives nearby in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood.  He is also the president of Allegheny General Hospital where the man who allegedly massacred 11 of his fellow congregants is being treated.

On Saturday, Dr. Cohen heard the noise from his home and was on the scene shortly after the tragic events unfolded. Then, on Sunday, he looked the suspected killer in the eye.

Speaking to CNN about his encounter with Robert Bowers, Dr. Cohen said this: “I went to see the shooter and the cops that were guarding him. You look at him, I wanted to try and understand why did he do this. And I have no answers. I asked him how are you feeling, and he was sort of groggy and said I’m feeling okay. And I introduced myself as Dr. Cohen, the president of Allegheny General. And I left. The FBI agent in charge looked at me and says I don’t know how you did that because I’m not sure I could have.”

He then added, “It’s time for leaders to lead.”

Finally, speaking directly about the man he saw lying in the hospital bed, Cohen said this: “The gentleman didn’t appear to be a member of the Mensa society. He listens to the noise, he hears the noise. The noise was telling him his people were being slaughtered. He thought it was time to rise up and do something. He’s completely confused, and the words mean things. The words are leading to people doing things like this.”

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