House Republican Nancy Mace Says ‘We Will Lose Next Year’ If MAGA Members Bully Moderates


Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) warned on CNN that Republicans will lose in 2024 if moderate members of Congress are bullied into taking more conservative positions such as abortion and the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on CNN’s The Source, Mace was asked by Kaitlan Collins whether she supports an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

“It’s hard to say at this point. I think there’s a difference between an impeachment vote and an inquiry. The inquiry would give us another tool in the toolbox, specifically to look at Joe Biden’s bank records,” said Mace. “I’ll support an impeachment inquiry. An impeachment vote is totally separate, but an inquiry I would support at this juncture.”

Collins replied, “I think the other point of confusion here is that all this is being tied to funding the government,” before noting that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) had said “she won’t vote to fund the government unless that House impeachment inquiry is passed.”

“I’m not voting to fund the government because Republicans and Democrats have spent too much,” Mace insisted. “I think holding hostage an impeachment inquiry is wrong.”

Collins questioned, “But it’s holding the government hostage for the impeachment inquiry, right?” to which Mace responded, “In a sense, that would.”

Mace continued, “I’m voting against the excess spending because of the out-of-control spending. I’m not going to hold the impeachment inquiry hostage, is what I’m saying is my difference.”

Collins went on to ask Mace about a quote from Greene, saying, “Our conference needs to stop capitulating to the left, more members that are in blue districts. That’s not what the donors are donating money for. And we need to stop allowing Biden-district Republicans to hold up our agenda.”

Pressed on whether moderate Republicans could end up losing their seats if they were bullied into supporting a Biden impeachment query, Mace said:

Oh, 100% it puts them at risk, but also Biden district Republicans are the reason that Republicans are in the majority, have the slim majority that we have today, and if we want to keep that majority, we have to keep those folks in their seats. And so you don’t do that by making Republicans in moderate districts walk the plank on abortion, walk the plank on women’s issues, walk the plank on birth control, walk the plank on an impeachment vote. Like, those are all the reasons why we will lose next year if we continue down that path.

Collins shot back, “But then why have the impeachment inquiry if it’s going to put your majority at risk,” to which Mace concluded, “An inquiry is an investigative tool. It’s different from an impeachment. On the impeachment side, you know the House would investigate, the Senate would essentially hold a trial. But no, I mean the Senate’s not gonna hold a trial, there’s not gonna be 60 votes, it’s not happening.”

Watch above via CNN.

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