Howard Stern Denied Using N-Word on The View, But This Shocking Blackface Video Shows He Did


Shock jock Howard Stern denied ever using the n-word when confronted by The View co-host Sunny Hostin, but there is video evidence that he did so repeatedly, and in a particularly ironic twist, used it in a sketch mocking now-lead host of The View Whoopi Goldberg.

Hostin confronted Stern about his radio show on Thursday’s episode of The View, telling him ” I was in college in the ‘80s, and I found your show so offensive.”

“Thank you,” Stern joked.

“You were a shock jock, you used the end word a lot,” Hostin said, as Stern objected “No I didn’t, I used the n-word?”

“Yeah you did,” Hostin replied over Stern’s objections. “I do, I remember it.”

“Whoopi, hold on, no,” Stern said. “We had a guy on from the Ku Klux Klan who very freely used the n-word, and my belief was hey, say it out in the open, I didn’t use the n-word. Let’s be very clear.”

“It was something that was batted around on your show, I’ll rephrase it,” Hostin said, and went on to add that although his show offended her at the time, “you’re very different person today, and I loved your book, and I believe people evolve.”

Stern fans are well-known to be obsessive tapers of his radio program, but online archives don’t go back far enough to cover the time period that Hostin describes.

However, in a 1994 home video special called “Howard Stern’s New Year’s Rotten Eve 1994,” Stern used the epithet repeatedly in a sketch lampooning the blackface controversy that Goldberg and then-boyfriend Ted Danson became embroiled in the previous year.

Stern wore blackface as Danson to actor Sherman Hemsley‘s Goldberg, and used the uncensored n-word six times in less than two minutes, including as the punchline to the joke “What does you call a black rocket scientist?”

The video is extremely offensive and NSFW.

Stern also used the word in a 1994 Rolling Stone interview when asked to defend calling black people “monkeys.”

He described “a self-effacing humor in the black community that was incredible,” and said “A guy would say, ‘You motherfuckin’ nigger,’ and the other one would go, ‘Your mother’s a nasty-haired, big-lipped bitch,’ and these guys would go back and forth all day, and it was funny fuckin’ stuff.”

Stern has found new relevance in the Trump era due to his long relationship and extensive library of interviews with, Donald Trump.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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