Ingraham, Fox & Friends Hosts Mock MSNBC Host Alex Wagner’s Pelosi Interview

Last week, MSNBC host Alex Wagner asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) about how she handles “sexist” attacks on her from Republicans. On Tuesday, the hosts of Fox & Friends and conservative radio host Laura Ingraham expounded on how boring they found that interview and Pelosi rehashing 2012 campaign themes.

The hosts began by playing a clip of Pelosi lamenting a litany of ways in which she said Republicans “disrespect” the “role of women” in a variety of areas of life. Ingraham and the hosts indulged in a fit of yawning after playing the clip.

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“Was Nancy Pelosi just playing back like an MP3 file?” Ingraham asked. “That is such an old saw that she’s trying to sell.”

She added that the “best part” of the interview was Wagner nodding along with Pelosi. “Great insights, Nancy,” Ingraham said, mocking Wagner.

“Women across the country are getting their policies canceled, getting their personal information compromised, losing their cherished health care providers, doctors who are retiring — that’s the war on women,” she continued. “That’s going to be a winning narrative for conservatives next year, and I think Nancy Pelosi knows it.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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