‘It’s The New York Times’: Fox News Host Suggests Report on Vindman’s Testimony Can’t Be Trusted


The way Melissa Francis sees it, The New York Times’ latest report on Alexander Vindman’s impeachment testimony cannot be counted on because the Gray Lady doesn’t have a 100 percent accuracy track record.

Francis started things off for Outnumbered on Wednesday by holding a discussion on the Times article stating that Vindman told the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry that the White House’s memorandum on Trump’s conversation with Volodymyr Zelenksy was incomplete. As Francis noted that the report holds Vindman’s claims that the memorandum left out “crucial words and phrases” pertaining to Joe Biden and Burisma, she eventually started dismissing the report because some of the Times’ “bombshells” haven’t panned out.

“I read this New York Times article closely because that is a big charge. I hate to say it, but it’s The New York Times. They have reported stuff like this before that felt like a bombshell, and then turned out not to be true. I don’t know…you need someone to corroborate this. I didn’t see that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Emily Compagno seconded Francis’ point by arguing that the Times report “doesn’t have the specificity that we need,” and that “at this point, we are simply being led along without knowing the truth.” Francis eventually got back in the conversation to say that, by accepting Vindman’s objections to the White House’s memorandum, “we’re casting aspersions on the people who were sitting there taking down that call.”

“If they left stuff out, I would want to know why. Wouldn’t there be a record of this somewhere?” Francis asked. “You just need some corroboration along the way. I need corroboration for everything! I can’t trust anything anymore.”

Francis declined to elaborate on her mistrust for the Times by listing which bombshells turned out to be total duds.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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