‘It’s Ugly Out Here’: CNN Correspondent Reports on Protests Turning Violent in Atlanta


“Anderson, it’s ugly out here.”

CNN correspondent Nick Valencia did not mince words as he reported live from Atlanta Friday night on protests turning violent, with police cars smashed and one set on fire — which was very visible in his live shot.

Protesters have gathered in cities across the country — including at the White House tonight — over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“These demonstrators came here ready to confront the police,” Valencia said. “They began throwing objects at CNN Center, breaking windows… They graffitied those CNN red letters, broken windows out. This is where they were.”

He said at least seven people have been taken into custody so far and estimated at least 1000 protesters there on the scene.

Valencia was a little shaken as he said, “I’m sorry I’m a little breathless. This is really something to see here, Anderson. You’re familiar with Atlanta, you’ve spent a lot of time down here. This is nothing that I’ve ever seen happen. You know, even prior to coming down here, you know, there was hope — as an Atlanta resident, this is a place that has really missed out on a lot of violence throughout the years, especially in 2015 with that rash of police shootings against African-American men. There were demonstrations here but nothing that turned violent, certainly nothing like this.”

“This is terrible to witness.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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