Ivanka Trump Tells Fox & Friends: ‘I Try to Stay Out of Politics’


Fox & Friends anchor Ainsley Earhardt snagged an interview with first daughter Ivanka Trump on Monday morning. The two discussed disagreements with her father, his Twitter habit, and how the White House adviser tries to “stay out of politics.”

The interview comes off the back of Earhardt’s interview with President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump last week, which was perhaps most notable for the president’s rambling and incoherent response to a question on recordings in the White House.

Monday’s interview kicked off with Earhardt asking Ivanka what her role as adviser to the president entails.

“I advise my father on a plethora of things,” she said. “So, you know, he trusts me to be very candid with my opinions.”

“I don’t have a hidden agenda. I make it very clear where I stand on a certain issue. So I give him my open and candid feedback. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree.”

Earhardt then brought up the recent “Why I Disagree With My Dad” US Weekly cover, which many assumed Ivanka had planted to insulate herself from her father’s less popular policies.

“This is a very interesting thing, why I disagree with my father,” Ivanka started, before defending herself against suspicions: “So I never actually spoke to them, and I didn’t know about the article being written until after it was published.”

Of the headline, she added “but it’s written in the first person, which I think is a slightly misleading headline.”

“Interesting,” Earhardt said.

Ivanka then said that she thought her disagreements with her father were beneficial: “I think that all different viewpoints being at the table is a positive thing. And I think one of the things that in this country we don’t have enough of is dialogue, and substantive dialogue where people who have different opinions can speak about that.”

“And your father’s been great about that,” Earhardt said, before adding “but the left says he is not doing a good job — what are your thoughts about that?”

“There is extreme emphasis on what you’re against,” Ivanka said. “I’m more interested in being for something than against something.”

Earhardt next probed about the president’s Twitter habit, asking “what do you advise him in regards to his tweeting?”

“You know I try to stay out of politics,” Ivanka, who is a senior adviser to the president, replied. “His political instincts are phenomenal.”

“He won,” Earhardt noted.

The Fox & Friends host asked how the first daughter would grade her father’s presidency, to which Ivanka responded “I think is he doing amazing job, I think he’s doing an unbelievable job.”

After some badgering, Ivanka gave her father an “A” grade.

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