Jake Tapper Blasts Everyone Involved in Omarosa Circus: It’s ‘A Story Where There Are Like 30 Liars’


On The Lead on Tuesday, host Jake Tapper set fire to everyone involved in the Omarosa Manigault story – from President Trump, to Omarosa herself, and everyone in between – over the total lack of credibility all around.

The clip above begins with Republican strategist Josh Holmes noting that Trump has stated there is no tape of him saying the n-word.

“He says a lot of things himself he then has to retract because they’re lies,” replied former Executive Director for the Congressional Black Caucus Angela Rye. “I think we are well into the thousands in Washington Post‘s count about the number of lies.”

“This man has an issue with black people,” Rye said. “She can’t guarantee that a racist didn’t use the n-word for the same reason we can’t guarantee that the head of the KKK didn’t use the n-word.”

Tapper replied with Sarah Sanders‘ remarks during today’s briefing that Trump insults lots of people, but added that since inauguration, 11 of the 15 times he’s insulted a person’s intelligence were to African-American men or women.

He also pointed out that there was pushback from Trump campaign Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson over the tape, released Tuesday in which she can be heard discussing the president’s use of the n-word. Tapper read back Pierson’s statement, and then explained the problem with sorting out the various statements.

“This is a challenge for all of us here, we honestly have a story where there are like thirty liars,” he said. “And they’re all changing their stories – Omarosa, Katrina Pierson, the President, they’re all changing their stories and we don’t know what to believe.”

As fitting a description of information from the Trump administration as ever there was.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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