James Clapper to Jake Tapper on Bomb Scares: ‘To Me, This is Domestic Terrorism’


Former Director of National Intelligence and frequent Trump critic of and target of Trump’s criticism James Clapper appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper this afternoon to discuss the several incidents of packages and mailed explosive devices, and said it seems to be a clear case of politically motivated domestic terrorism.

“I personally don’t think that there’s an international implication here,” said Clapper, differentiating from other forms of terror. “That’s obviously something that has to be run down. I think this is pretty clearly a domestic thing. Unless there is a situation where it’s, you know, possibly be explained because of a mental illness or something like that. But to me, this is domestic terrorism.”

Clapper also said that today he called his neighbor, who usually checks his mail when Clapper and his wife are traveling, to warn him to be careful. “So, you know, the threat rings spread out beyond us,” he said. He also said that John Brennan, who was among those to whom explosive devices were addressed, called early in the day to warn Clapper and his wife to be careful with the mail.

Discussing possible reasons for the events, Clapper responded to Tapper about what is the most likely explanation.

“The most obvious theory here is this is, you know, opponents of, in one way or another, the president, or people the president has spoken very critically of. And I hope the president himself will abide by what he said today about promoting unity, which I found it somewhat ironic in light of some of his incendiary rhetoric at his rallies. But I think it would be very interesting to see if he says anything about this rally he’s having tonight.”

Asked about the counter-theory from some on the right that this was all a “liberal hoax”, Clapper said “as one who is a potential target, I don’t think that’s the case at all.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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