‘Remember, Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’: Man Who Stopped Armed Robbery Ends Fox News Appearance With a Flourish


A U.S. Marine veteran appeared on Fox News Friday to relay his account of how he stopped armed robbers from knocking off a convenience store, but wandered way off topic at the conclusion of the segment by declaring that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide.

James Kilcer was at a Chevron convenience store in Yuma, Arizona early Thursday morning when two robbers entered. One of them pointed a gun toward Kilcer and the store clerk and that’s about as far as they got before the vet disarmed him with his bare hands. A third suspect was on the scene but the commotion started before he entered the store. Kilcer was able to detain the person he disarmed, and the other two fled and remain at large.

“Once it happened, I was mentally prepared and just made it happen,” Kilcer explained to Dana Perino. “Did what what had to be done.”

“Great to meet you,” said Perino, wrapping up the segment. “And if anybody sees James out there, buy him either an energy drink… or a beer if you want one.”

“I’ll take a beer, please,” said Kilcer.

“Get him a beer everybody. And I’d love to buy you one as well on me in Yuma, Arizona. Thank you so much, James.”

“And remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself,” said Kilcer, apropos of nothing.

“Ok got it,” said Perino, laughing at the complete non sequitur. “Very clever.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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