Jan Brewer Comes to Trump’s Defense: Backlash Over Charlottesville Just ‘Sour Grapes’


Well, this was certainly an interesting defense of President Donald Trump’s “both sides” comment on the violence in Charlottesville.

In the wake of Trump’s much-maligned press conference in which he essentially defended the alt-right while throwing blame the “alt-left’s” way, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer popped up on CNN Tuesday evening to act as loyal surrogate and faithful defender.

And the way she saw it, the backlash against Trump due to the media and the left still harboring anger over his election win.

With political commentator Ana Navarro saying Trump is never going to change and that Republicans need to “stop giving him a damn chance,” Brewer shot back that there was nothing wrong with anything that the president said at his presser.

“But the fact of the matter is that all of this rhetoric is all sour grapes because it’s discontinually (sic) coming through the networks across our country, and he was dually elected,” she exclaimed. “He is the President of the United States, and for people to use some of the verbiage that they’ve used is destroying our –”

Anchor Don Lemon interjected, letting Brewer know that Navarro was a Republican, leading to the ex-governor to stammer.

“I understand that,” Brewer stated. “Now you lost my — I lost my train of thought.”

Eventually, she was able to get back on track, and she went on to complain about the media using “these code words” like “dog whistles,” claiming it is all “over the top” and “disturbing.” When anchor Don Lemon said she sounded like she was talking about Trump and the people “out there with torches the other night,” Brewer exclaimed that “those are bad, bad people” and one think any of the “Ku Klux Klan carrying tiki lights are good people.”

“The president said that today,” Lemon retorted. “He said there were good people there.”

It would keep going on like that for the next few minutes, with Navarro taking a shot at Brewer by saying she was able to her train of thought, and the two women tussling over Trump’s verbal attacks on John McCain.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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