comScore Jane Sanders and Wolf Blitzer Face Off Over Whether the Media Has Done Enough ‘Self-Reflection’

Jane Sanders and Wolf Blitzer Face Off Over Whether the Media Has Done Enough ‘Self-Reflection’

Speaking with Jane Sanders — wife of Bernie SandersWolf Blitzer played a clip of the Vermont Senator criticizing President Donald Trump in a recent speech. And then he asked:

“[D]oes he go too far in speaking like that about the President?”

“I don’t think so, Wolf,” Jane Sanders said. She added, “When you throw 23 million people off of health care without even a hearing, that’s dangerous — to those 23 million people. We have to be able to discuss the issues without demonizing the opponent.”

Blitzer brought this issue up in the context of the GOP baseball practice shooter being a fan of Bernie Sanders and volunteering for his campaign at one point.

But Jane Sanders clearly didn’t appreciate the question Blitzer posed. And so she turned it right back around on Blitzer:

“Honestly, Wolf, I think the media needs to look at itself as well. The media characterizes every conversation as an adversarial one. Your job — the media’s job, I think, is to illuminate the facts, not fan the flames. And the media continues to cover the latest scandal, the latest back-and-forth, but not the issues so much.”

Blizter was clearly put off by the criticism, and he pushed back hard on the idea that the media prioritizes scandal over issues by saying, essentially, that the scandals are the issues:

“With all due respect, if a President, or a Senator, or someone of authority is making very, very strong statements, you want us to simply ignore those statements? If there’s a social media post, a tweet, and the President says something really, really strong, or Senator Bernie Sanders says ‘this is the worst and most dangerous President in the history of our country.’ Do you want us to censor those words as part of the news media?”

Sanders replied:

“Well, I’m suggesting that just like the Democrats and the Republicans and the Independents and the progressives are all thinking about what happened in this presidential race, that the media needs to do some self-reflection as well.”

And Blitzer continued to defend his profession.

The media is doing a lot of self — we’re doing — I can assure you, we’re doing a lot of self-reflection. We’re always looking back. We’re learning lessons. We want to make sure that as the first draft of history, we get it right. When we make a mistake, we certainly always correct it as quickly as possible. This is not a perfect science by any means.

But, you know, you hear a lot of criticism of the mainstream media, Jane, from the conservative elements, from the right wing. We’re getting a lot of criticism from the left wing, from the progressives, people like you as well. It underscores that we’re trying to do as responsible a job as we possibly can and we certainly aren’t going to try to censor very strong statements from people of responsibility.

Watch the tense exchange above, via CNN.

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