Jeanine Pirro Shreds Clinton’s Blame Tour: ‘What Happened? You Lost, He Won, Karma’s a Bitch’


Fox’s Jeanine Pirro began her show tonight by blasting “psychopath” Hillary Clinton for blaming everyone and everything with her new memoir about the 2016 election.

Clinton gave numerous interviews this week to commemorate the release of What Happened, though much of her thoughts have gone towards all the things that got in the way of her victory over Donald Trump. Pirro is clearly unimpressed, seeing as the judge said “Living In Denial and In Need of a Lobotomy” was a much more appropriate title for Clinton’s book.

“What happened? You lost, he won, Karma’s a bitch,” said Pirro. “You lost because people don’t like you. They don’t trust you. You’re arrogant and condescending. You call them names like deplorable, and you have the moral core of a jellyfish.”

Pirro continued to rip the former secretary of state by invoking the Benghazi attack, the email scandal, and the questionable history of the Clinton Foundation. Pirro also ripped into former FBI director James Comey for reportedly drafting a statement to exonerate Clinton before the completion of his investigation into her private server.

After bashing Clinton for scolding women who didn’t vote for her, Pirro called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to annul previous Justice Department immunity deals and launch a new federal probe into Clinton.

“Hillary should not get a free pass because she lost an election,” Pirro concluded. “It’s time to stop this psychopath from continuing her nonstop stream of lies and criminal activity.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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