Jeffrey Toobin: ‘This Whole Uranium One Thing Comes From Fox News’


CNN’s New Day Co-host Alisyn Camerota led a spirited panel discussion this morning following an interview with White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. The discussion focused on the alleged double-standard of White House’s handling the latest news about Russia, from charges of Trump campaign colluding, to the recent Uranium One deal in the news.  The panel argued that the conservative agenda appears to be  using the re-inflated Uranium One controversy to try and negate the Mueller’s Trump/Russia investigation.

To that effect, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin came out swinging at Fox News as the foremost and original propagator of the re-heated scandal saying, “Remember, this whole ‘Uranium’ thing comes from Fox News. I mean, this is a closed investigation that came up in Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” in 2015, and it was discredited then…” Camerota then clarified by interjecting “It’s from 2010, by the way. That’s when things first started happening.”

Toobin then went deep, saying:

The book came out in 2015. Exactly, The book came out in 2015. It was one of the accusations—it has been discredited. Two years later, Fox News and Republicans in Congress and Republicans in the White House start raising it simply as a way to wave Russia back at the Democrats. There’s nothing new, no new information here. You have the president of the United States, apparently, according to CNN reporting intervening with the justice Department saying get us more witnesses on this. This is precisely why in the post-Nixon era, there were rules in place to get the White House out of criminal investigations. They are not supposed to be involved in making those sorts of decisions. This White House is changing the rules.

Even though Toobin is not wrong in terms of the original propagated origin of Uranium One deal as a narrative against the Clintons, his clear takedown of the controversy is unlikely to sway Republicans who are deeply entrenched in the conspiracy.

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