Jesse Watters: Phoenix Mayor Criticizing Timing of Trump Rally Just Wants ‘To Get on MSNBC’


On Friday night, Jesse Watters took some shots at Democratic Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton for wanting to delay President Trump‘s rally next week in the wake of his reaction to the violence in Charlottesville.

Stanton appeared on MSNBC Thursday night called the rally “ill-timed” and that it would “inflame passions.”

Watters was not having it.

“‘Ill-timed?'” Watters reacted. “Didn’t President Obama have a little fundraiser after Benghazi? C’mon, talking about ‘ill-timed.’ Get outta here!”

The Five co-host then claimed that Stanton “doesn’t want Trump to be successful.”

“Trump’s gonna have a huge rally, everyone’s gonna show up, we’re gonna take it live, he’s gonna make a ton of news, he’s gonna feed off the energy of the crowd, and then in three years, he’s gonna win Arizona like he won it last time,” Watters predicted.

Watters went on to call this “a lot of sour grapes” from Stanton and that “it’s an excuse for him to get on MSNBC,” which he wouldn’t call a “badge of honor- but maybe for him it is” and that other mayors may follow his lead.

“They’re gonna flex their muscles and act like ‘You can’t come here! You’re a racist!’ And then Trump is gonna drop Air Force One right in there, dominate the local media markets, raise a ton of cash, and then go back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as a winner. They don’t want him to win, that’s the problem.” he concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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