‘Jesus’: Katy Tur Reacts to News Uvalde Victim Bled Out in Classroom as Cops Waited Full Hour to Engage Killer


Katy Tur muttered “Jesus” under her breath Thursday while she reacted to the news that a wounded child bled as police waited to confront a deranged killer at a Texas school. The child, a young girl, died later at a hospital.

A teen gunman entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and killed 19 students and two teachers. The New York Times first reported late Wednesday that officers did not immediately attempt to engage the suspect.

In the meantime, he carried out the deadliest school shooting in Texas history as parents gathered outside the school and pleaded for someone to stop the massacre.

On Katy Tur Reports, the host carried local video feed of an update on the shooting. After it concluded, network reporter Kerry Sanders provided new details about a little girl who was wounded and played dead.

Sanders said parents who will forever wonder what might have been, had the suspect been neutralized when police first arrived on the scene. He also noted police said they attempted to negotiate with the suspect, but to no avail.

Every parent who had a child in that room will wonder about that hour or so, what was going on, those officers who, I don’t know what the barricade was because he didn’t define it, but if it was simply a locked door, what the barricade was that prevented them from making their way in.

As we know, when the officers finally got in, there was at least one child who had another child laying on top of her who was playing dead. That child who was below was bleeding but still breathing. That child was rushed to the hospital and later died. The parents will forever wonder when that one hour, that golden hour, when there’s a traumatic injury, whether their child would be alive today if only the officers had gotten in there and pulled her out and gotten her the emergency medical care at that moment.

Sanders tossed it back to Tur in the studio.

“Jesus,” she said softly.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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