Joan Walsh, Jason Miller Clash Over Trump on Leaks: He Has ‘No Credibility’ to Trash Leakers


CNN contributors Joan Walsh and Jason Miller had at it on Monday night while they debated how badly President Trump and the White House mishandled the Kelly Sadler-John McCain fiasco.

In a panel moderated by Erin Burnett, Miller said the commotion could’ve been handled better, but argued that Trump has nothing to apologize for and its not worth talking about anymore after the last few days. Miller said Trump and the White House were “spot on” by slamming the leakers who made Sadler’s comments go public, but Walsh said that was “ridiculous” before tearing into Miller and Trump.

“First of all, that tweet was incoherent. It said this was all fake news, but then it didn’t happen, but then there are leakers and they’re traitors. The president, then, is the number one traitor because he actually goes out to the press and he trashes his staff. He did it during the campaign. he trashes his cabinet – sometimes off the record, sometimes publicly – so this all comes from the top. He hates John McCain. He’ll never apologize, and he loves to leak and trash his own people on his own time. so he’s got no credibility to attack anyone else in this situation. It’s preposterous.”

Miller defended his position in condemnation of White House leakers, though Walsh repeatedly called out him and Trump for saying such people were “traitorous” to the country. Burnett also noted Kellyanne Conway‘s latest statement to Fox News on leakers, so she asked Miller if he suspects the White House will fire the leakers, but keep Sadler on board despite her odious comments.

Watch above, via CNN.

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