Joe Biden Takes Heat For Calling Undocumented Immigrants ‘Aliens’ — Before Backtracking


Former Vice President Joe Biden faced criticism Sunday night after he referred to undocumented immigrants in the United States as “undocumented aliens” at CNN’s Democratic debate.

The former vice president made the remark when asked by Univision anchor Ilia Calderon a question about how to ensure undocumented immigrants will feel safe to be tested for the coronavirus.

“Anyone who shows up to be tested for coronavirus, or gets coronavirus and is treated, would be held harmless,” Biden replied. Just like I have argued all along, any woman who crosses the border or being beaten by her husband but she’s an undocumented, she cannot be deported because she reports.”

“There are certain things you can’t deport an undocumented alien for,” he continued, before backtracking: “an undocumented person for, and that would be one of them.”

Progressives on Twitter called out Biden’s use of the word:

Watch above, via CNN.

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