Watch The Hilariously-Weird Moment Sarah Sanders Fields a Question About Trump and UFOs

Trump’s Immigrant Crime Hotline Overrun With Calls About (Extraterrestrial) Aliens

SNL’s Trump Has Everything Under Control During an Alien Invasion

Bill Paxton Has Died Due to Complications From Surgery

Krauthammer on Questions About the Vote: Maybe Aliens Zapped Ballots with Their Ray Guns

CBS Orders New Series About Aliens Eating Congress’ Brains

Creationist Fires Back at ‘Messed-Up’ Bill Maher, Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Pope Francis: I’d Baptize an Alien ‘If They Want to Be Baptized’

Katy Perry Really Wants to Ask Obama About Aliens

Gig’s Up: Iranian News Agency Says Snowden Docs Reveal Obama-Alien-Hitler Plot

Deporting Piers And Finding Aliens: The Inevitable Futility Of The White House Petition Site

Poll Finds Which Candidate Americans Trust To Handle An Alien Invasion

British Town Elects New Councilman, Realizes He Thinks His Mom Is A ‘Nine Foot, Green Alien’

This Exists: White House Issues Reponse To Online Petition Over Extraterrestrial Life Publishes ‘Exclusive’ Alien Research That Is Both Questionable And From 2004

Julian Assange Promises Unpublished Cables Contain “References To UFOs”

NASA Newser Sparks “E.T.” Frenzy

Here We Go Again? Mysterious Blue UFO Spotted Over Virginia

Glenn Beck Defends Sarah Palin: We’re Practically Pen Pals!

It’s Possible UFOs Were Flying Over NYC Yesterday

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