Joe Lockhart Ridicules Trump For Shutting Down Government and Getting Less Money for Border Security


Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart showed off his pithy, insightful, and yes, partisan, analysis Tuesday morning in his analysis of Monday night’s news of a border security compromise between Congressional Republicans and Democrats.

President Donald Trump refused to sign a compromise bill in late December, which led to a record government shutdown, from which it appears that the compromise deal will provide $1.35 Billion for a reported 55 miles of bollard fencing.

Lockhart offered “Let’s remember, Democrats and Republicans unanimously said we’ll give you $1.6 before the shutdown. Then we had a 35-day shutdown. To what end? For the president to get less money.”

It is not yet clear if Trump will sign off on this reported compromise bill, but given the acute attention that the commander in chief pays to media narratives — especially on cable news — comments and analysis like this will almost certainly influence the president’s decision-making process.

Watch above via CNN.

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