Joe Scarborough EXPLODES Over Facebook ‘Promoting’ Extremism: Mark Zuckerberg is ‘LYING’ to You!


Joe Scarborough expressed a level of frustration, disgust, and anger Wednesday morning, and the motivating source behind his high-volume screed was curiously not President Donald Trump, but instead Facebook, and its founder Mark Zuckerberg and CEO Sheryl Sandberg.

Coming out of a commercial break, Scarborough went solo in an on-air tirade, the level of which one rarely sees in this piqued political divide of opinion media, blasting the Facebook leaders for the role they play that seemingly allows conspiracy theories that have deadly results.

What set Scarborough off was the report of the arrest of an alleged “Boogaloo” extremist named Steven Carillo charged in the killing of a federal officer during George Floyd protest. Carrillo wrote in a Facebook group on May 28 that the unrest is “on our coast now, this needs to be nationwide” and that “it’s a great opportunity to target the specialty soup bios,” according to the complaint.

The previous Morning Joe segment featured NBC News reporter Ben Collins in a segment dedicated to this story, and the curious relationship between Facebook and extremists communities like the one Carillo was ostensibly a member. Online Boogaloo communities reportedly post memes about targeting federal agencies in advance of another civil war.

Collins explained on Morning Joe that Facebook’s recommendation algorithms have driven a ton of extremism online, telling his hosts “If you’re in a libertarian group on Facebook, for example, or a Tea Party group or just like weaponry, guns and ammo stuff, they might in the last three months have driven you to a Boogaloo page.”

“Mark Zuckerberg is promoting the extremism, because Mark Zuckerberg is actually — his site, the Zuckerberg site, has actually set up! Set up! Like, ad promotions that actually push people towards extremist sites that kill federal officers! And Mark Zuckerberg becomes a billionaire!” Scarborough exploded. “How many times over? Because he’s pushing people towards extremist sites that gun down and murder federal officials.”

“And when Sheryl Sandberg found out that Mark Zuckerberg’s website was being used by foreign powers to interfere in the 2016 election, what did she do? She got angry at the Mark Zuckerberg employee that came to her and came to the board and warned them that American democracy was at risk,” the Morning Joe host continued “Mark Zuckerberg said, he doesn’t care that people use his site to lie. He doesn’t care that they use their site.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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