Joe Scarborough: Media Has Liberal ‘Cultural Bias’ on Abortion

Joe ScarboroughMSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Friday that on the issue of abortion, the media had a cultural bias that kept them from covering the issue fairly.

The Morning Joe host made the comments in reaction to the gruesome undercover Planned Parenthood videos, which he felt were being under-covered.  “You know, I got to say of all the areas where I think there is media bias, I think the greatest area is on this issue.”

“I think most reporters do the best job they can do and they try to be as fair as possible,” he said. “But when it come to the issue of abortion, there is the greatest built-in bias. And it is completely cultural bias, it is unintended.

“But if the roles were reversed… there is a group on the right doing what Planned Parenthood has done on the left and is described on the left, there would be Justice Department — there would be indictments already going down,” Scarborough concluded.

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele agreed. “The fact of the matter is the press does not dig into this story, if nothing else to prove that the way they brought about this story is somehow flawed or there’s a problem. In other words, do the job of investigating what is true and what is real in the story. That’s not happening.

Watch, via MSNBC.

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