Joe Scarborough Tears Into Bill Barr’s ‘Reckless and Irresponsible’ Spying Remarks: ‘He’s Destroying His Legacy’


Joe Scarborough ripped into William Barr on Friday by saying the attorney general is throwing away his political credibility with his suggestion that President Donald Trump‘s campaign was improperly investigated.

There’s been a lot of commotion ever since Barr testified before Congress on Wednesday that he plans to look into the “spying” that took place when the FBI ran a counterintelligence probe on Trump’s team in 2016. Morning Joe tackled the subject at the top of their show Friday, during which Scarborough said “everybody on the planet” knew Barr gave “red meat” to popular Trump-world rhetoric on FBI surveillance.

“Even though there was no evidence whatsoever of that – improper surveillance or spying, whatever they want to call it – there’s a lot of countervailing evidence that everything that was done was proper,” Scarborough argued. “Everything was done by the book and there were procedural safeguards: something that Donald Trump hates, something he considers to be a nuisance but there were procedural safeguards all along the way.”

As the panel continued to discuss whether Barr’s insinuation was deliberate and whether the investigation was properly established, Scarborough asked “is [Barr] that stupid?” by suggesting what he has.

“There are a lot of lawyers in Washington, D.C. that are shocked with what he’s doing right now, that have known him for years, 30 years, Democrats and Republicans alike are shocked how reckless and irresponsible and Roy Cohn-like he’s being. He’s destroying his legacy here. What happens to those people who destroy their legacy? Does Trump say thank you for destroying your legacy…by showing you have no respect for the rule of law? What happens to those people in the end? Let me answer, they get thrown out.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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