Joe Scarborough Trashes Bloomberg Ahead of Super Tuesday: If Sanders Beats Biden, That’s All on His Shoulders


Joe Scarborough started the weak by decrying the “logic” of Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 effort, and he kept it going on Tuesday by pronouncing the ex-New York City mayor’s ad campaign a failure.

As Morning Joe discussed the moderate Democrats are joining forces behind Joe Biden, Scarborough looked at how Tom Steyer recently dropped out of the race after running his own political ad-based campaign, and said it probably means something for Bloomberg as well.

“Paid advertising is not moving voters. It didn’t in 2016. It certainly didn’t for Tom Steyer who ran a tough, hard campaign in South Carolina, Was there all the time working hard, Spent a lot of money there, spent a lot of money in Nevada. It did not translate into votes. And I just wonder if we’re not going to see the same thing in a very big way tonight with Mike Bloomberg.”

Later in the program, Scarborough continued by saying Biden has a “clear shot” at the nomination now, and Bloomberg’s continued involvement in the race will only make it easier for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to eke out a win instead.

“If Bernie Sanders ends up winning this, and in part because Bloomberg peeled off votes from Joe Biden, then Michael Bloomberg’s legacy will be — and isn’t Politics funny sometimes — the takeover of a Democratic socialist in the Democratic Party in 2020. That will all be on Michael Bloomberg’s shoulders.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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