Joe Walsh Scolds GOP and Fox News for Discrediting Mueller: ‘Disgusting and Offensive’


Conservative radio host and former Republican congressman Joe Walsh had some tough words for Donald Trump and his own party today in light of the president’s incendiary comments to The New York Times.

Trump regularly cries “witch hunt” over the investigations into Russia’s 2016 election interference, and last night, reporter Michael Schmidt released a transcript where Trump rambled on about how the ongoing probes are “a very bad thing for the country.” While Trump said he expects special counsel Robert Mueller will be fair to him, he also used part of the interview to hit Jeff Sessions again and say it was “too bad” the Attorney General recused himself from the matter.

In recent weeks, Walsh has been critical of those who have disparaged Mueller’s integrity or completely dismissed Russia’s actions last year. Here are two of Walsh’s most recent tweets on these matters:

Walsh appeared on CNN for a Friday panel discussion, and he reacted to Trump’s comments by saying it was “so disappointing” that the president cannot recognize what Russia did last year. Walsh also said the lingering controversy of Russia was “self-inflicted” on Trump’s part, and that the U.S. actually looks good for trying to make sure foreign meddling never happens again.

Host Ana Cabrera eventually asked Walsh if he thought Trump ought to tell conservative congressmen to stop attacking Mueller if the president thinks the investigation is fair. Here’s Walsh’s response:

“I think it is disgusting and offensive that my former colleagues and Fox News and everybody is maligning Robert Mueller, but they’re not doing that, Ana, if the president didn’t want them to. So its perfectly easy for Trump to come out last night and say ‘you know what, Mueller will be fair.’ These Republicans, they have his blessing to go after Mueller, and I think that’s a horrible thing.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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