John Avlon Shocked By ‘Unhinged’ Trump Statement on Impeachment: ‘He’s Venting His Spleen in Public’


John Avlon was shocked when his CNN panel reacted to President Donald Trump’s incendiary letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the eve of his likely impeachment.

In Trump’s letter, the president slammed the impeachment process, lobbed allegations and insults at Pelosi and the Democrats, and generally raged against his enemies. Avlon joined Kaitlan Collins, Jen Rogers and anchor Brooke Baldwin to break down the letter, with Baldwin remarking that it looks “like you took all the tweets and strung them all together.”

Avlon held nothing back in his reaction:

“This is unhinged. This is an unhinged rant from the president of the United States on White House letterhead. It’s clearly something he dictated at least in part. A lot of greatest hit from greatest campaign speeches. The definition of not-presidential. He is venting his spleen in public, but with the weight of history behind it, and making a series of statements that are both not true, reversals-of-fact – of one of his classic moves, project and deflect.”

Avlon opined that Trump most likely dictated his “unhinged” letter to his staff, “presumably over their objections and better judgment.” Avlon didn’t stop there though, for minutes later, he said that Trump is not only “making the situation worse,” but he’s inviting people to question his mental state.

“This is a tantrum being done on White House letterhead, and he lied to the American people, again, when he said we weren’t permitted to have legal representation. They refused it. He said it’s a hoax, a sham. It’s a constitutional process, enshrined in the Constitution. Let’s not forget that. He’s making the situation worse. He’s getting emotional gratification out of venting his spleen but is debasing the office of the president and senators who read this will be concerned about his mental state in private.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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