John Oliver Skewers ‘F*cking Monster’ Stuart Varney For Callous Child Migrant Coverage


Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver took aim at Fox Business’ Stuart Varney on Sunday for trying to deflect about detained migrant families.

Oliver played a clip in which Varney complained to Fox & Friends this week that the media was overly focused on “children in cages.”

“The real big story that affects everybody in America is the success of the president’s tax cut package and what it’s done for our economy,” he argued.

Oliver reacted: “That deflection technique doesn’t really work when the thing you’re deflecting from is children in cages,” he said. “If a realtor selling a house were to say, ‘Why are we talking about the children in cages? The kitchen has marble counter tops.’ The only acceptable response would be, ‘Because they’re children and they’re in cages. Someone needs to let them out, you fucking monster!’”

Oliver condemned Varney’s coverage in the wider context of the inefficacy of President Donald Trump‘s executive order ostensibly stopping the practice of separating children from their parents at the border.

A CNN clip Oliver played explained that the order was still missing “major pieces,” including “how long it will take” to reunite families, “and how it will get done.”

“Well, hold on, because those are some pretty major pieces to leave out. In fact, it’s all the pieces,” Oliver said. “That’s like a recipe for cake that just says, ‘you will eat cake.'”

He also snarked about the president saying he couldn’t do anything to stop the practice of separating families, but then signed the EO with the intent of stopping the practice.

“Yes, Trump claimed he couldn’t do a thing, and then he did it. Which is a little strange, because he usually claims he can do things and then doesn’t do them, like ‘draining the swamp,’ or ‘locking up Hillary,’ or attending Tiffany’s sweet 16,” Oliver quipped.

Watch above, via HBO.

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