Jonathan Turley: Brett Kavanaugh Turned Things Around When He Started Attacking Democrats


Let’s tune into to Fox & Friends to get their take on yesterday’s testimonies of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser of sexual misconduct Dr. Christine Ford. We will ignore the hot takes of hyperpartisan hacks Diamond and Silk who appeared on the show earlier and instead look for the judicial insights provided by frequent Fox News guest — and constitutional professor — Jonathan Turley.

Turley possesses a highly respected judicial mind, and has in the past, flouted political talking points and instead offered independent insights. So he does not always represent the traditional pro-conservative point of view one might expect from Fox News opinion hosts. His take?

Well, he believes that had a confirmation vote had occurred after Dr. Ford’s testimony, Kavanaugh would likely not had enough votes to be confirmed. But after Kavanaugh provided a passionate defense of what the nominee described as a calculated and political spearing of his character, Turley believes we landed at where we were before the testimonies took place.

What changed? In Turley’s view, it was when Kavanaugh started attacking the Democrats that turned the tide, comparing it to a hurry-up offense in the last two minutes of a football game when your team is down a touchdown. Citizens looking for an impartial member of the nation’s highest court may take issue with the “attacking the Democrats” angle, but Kavanaugh supporters won’t care.

His Fox & Friends hosts then asked about Kavanaugh’s unwillingness to accept an FBI investigation to which Turley criticized the Judge. “He flubbed that line” before criticizing him for not being prepared for a question he knew was coming. The Fox & Friends host quickly ran to Kavanaugh’s defense (shocker!) but Turley’s point was made.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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