Jorge Ramos to Laura Ingraham: President Trump Is ‘Afraid of Fox News’


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham faced off with Jorge Ramos tonight on immigration and the ongoing fight for a border wall from President Donald Trump.

As they clashed over what the crisis at the border is, Ramos said Trump’s the one creating a crisis “to spend $5 billion on a wall that we don’t need.”

He called it “absurd” and immediately added, “President Trump is afraid of you guys at Fox News. That is what’s happening right now. He’s afraid of your criticism, he’s afraid of your colleagues, and he’s creating a crisis simply because he needs to deliver on a wall that might not be built before 2020.”

“That’s a nice thought that we have all this influence,” Ingraham responded. “Real people are suffering badly.”

She brought up the grieving angel families and said this is a “family crisis” for many people.

“I cannot even imagine the pain that they are suffering because of their loss. I really cannot even imagine that,” Ramos said. “We cannot criminalize all of the undocumented immigrants for what one person did, or what a few people did. We cannot do that. This is exactly what President Trump is doing in his last speech, he criminalized all immigrants, and he’s creating this fear, making sure that people think that unless we do something and build his wall, things are going to change.”

Towards the end of the interview, he again told Ingraham, “The most important thing for me tonight is just to say there is no crisis, it’s a manufactured crisis by President Trump. He’s afraid of you, he’s afraid of Fox News, and he wants to spend $5 billion for a wall that we don’t need.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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