Judge Napolitano Fires Back at Giuliani Over Call to Shut Down Russia Probe: ‘That is a Dangerous Argument’


Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano fired back at Rudy Giuliani — and his client President Donald Trump — over their arguments that the Russia probe should be shut down because the Justice Department is corrupted.

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt asked Napolitano on Thursday morning about Giuliani’s argument that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “should end the Mueller probe because there is too much government misconduct.”

“It reminded all of us there is no collusion,” Earhardt added, (a strange statement to make without any evidence). “So why is this investigation even happening?”

“That is a dangerous argument to make,” Napolitano replied. “There are 90,000 people work in the Justice Department. There are 8,000 FBI agents. These people are doing the work of protecting our lives, our liberty, and our property.”

“For him to say that the Justice Department is out of control or that the government is corrupt, is an argument that’s going to be used by criminal defense lawyers in legitimate prosecutions as if to say, ‘don’t believe the government anymore!'”

“Looking at those questions, they don’t believe the book is closed on collusion,” Brian Kilmeade reminded Earhardt.

“The book is not closed on collusion because of the question on Paul Manafort,” Napolitano said, referring to one of Mueller’s questions for Trump that was leaked this week.

“The question is: are you aware of efforts from your campaign, by Paul Manafort, to reach out to the Russians for assistance?” Napolitano said. “There has to be a good faith basis for that. That means someone told them it happened and they believed that person.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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