comScore Kasich: Banning Terror Watch Suspects Weapon Access Will Only ‘Tip Them Off’

Kasich: Banning Terror Watch Suspects Weapon Access Will Only ‘Tip Them Off’

Ohio Governor and GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich gave an interview on State of the Union today, where he told Jake Tapper that he was not of the opinion that blocking gun purchases on the government’s terrorist watch lists was the answer to the San Bernardino shootings. Instead, Kasich feels that that action would indicate to potential terrorists and shooters that the government has its eye on them.

When asked by Tapper about President Obama‘s calls for banning such gun sales, Kasich said he would consider the possibility for the no-fly list, but that blocking suspected terrorists would only “tip them off” to be more covert.

“We don’t tell them they’re on the watch list. We want to make sure that we can exploit all the information that we can possibly get,” Kasich said on Ohio law enforcement. “If all the sudden you tell everybody on the watch list that you can’t do this or that, guess what happens? Then we lose our ability to track. We lose our ability to gather information.”

When Tapper asked Kasich to spell out how this approach would stop attacks, the Ohio governor said that policy makers needed to “be careful in the way that we handle this,” and make sure to extract critical information before terrorists actually attempt anything.

“If there is a practical way to limit [gun sales], yes, but I think we also have to weigh it off against our ability to surveil,” Kasich explained. “This is something that has to be considered from many different sides so we don’t make a big mistake again.”

Watch above (start at 7:50), via CNN.

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