Katy Tur and Marc Short Clash Over Health Care: What Is the White House’s Plan?


MSNBC’s Katy Tur spoke with Pence chief of staff Marc Short this afternoon, repeatedly asking him what plan the White House has to replace Obamacare.

The White House is now focusing on health care and getting Obamacare struck down.

The president said that “we will have a plan that’s far better than Obamacare.” Tur asked Short today what it is.

Short said, “You should rest assured that 20 million Americans will not be without health insurance.”

Tur asked how they can rest assured “if there’s no plan.”

Short defended the White House’s push and said Trump has promised not to sign health care legislation that doesn’t protect pre-existing conditions. He added, “The administration will come forward with more free-market reforms we think will help continue to lower the price of health care.”

Tur again asked Short what the plan is from the White House, saying, “There is still no plan that Republicans have gotten around in order to replace it.”

Short brought up how Republicans won in past congressional elections on promises to repeal and replace Obamacare. Tur countered that many Democrats successfully ran on health care in 2018.

Short insisted it’s definitely a winning issue for Republicans, telling Tur, “I absolutely think that we can lower premiums, and the president’s promise will provide better health care at lower costs.”

You can watch the back-and-forth above, via MSNBC.

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