Katy Tur Clashes With Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Can You Answer the Question Without Using Hillary Clinton’s Name?’

Katy Tur and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) always seem to be at each other’s throats during their conversations.

No different today when Tur asked Jordan what he thought of President Donald Trump‘s pardon of Scooter Libby.

“Do you think the timing of pardoning somebody like Scooter Libby who is convicted of lying to federal investigators and obstructing justice is fishy at all?” Tur asked pointedly. “Because some folks think it is.”

“What I know is and what a lot of folks in our district are talking about is the double standard,” Jordan responded. “The idea that Secretary Clinton — I asked her under oath in the Benghazi hearing if she would agree to a neutral third party examining her e-mails and deciding which ones we on the committee should receive and which ones were personal. She got an even better deal… They got to decide versus what happened to Michael Cohen earlier this week where they go grab everything.”

At this point Tur interrupted the congressman, reminding him that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein okayed the search warrant for the Southern District of New York. But she didn’t stop there.

“Can you answer the question without using Hillary Clinton‘s name?” she quipped. “Do you think it looks suspicious for the president to pardon somebody who was convicted of lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice when all this stuff is going on?”

But Jordan couldn’t help himself and again mentioned Clinton’s name when discussing the relationship between Rosenstein, special counsel Robert Mueller, and former FBI director James Comey.

“Secretary Clinton is not the President of the United States, she’s not running for anything any longer,” Tur said. “The president is the President of the United States and there are a lot of questions surrounding it. You can’t deny they have come up with a number of indictments that a lot of people have pleaded guilty… to crimes already.”

“I mean, it sounds like you are saying they are being strong-armed and there is a Justice Department conspiracy out to take out this president and his campaign,” she added.

Watch how Jordan responds – and it’s a doozy – above, via MSNBC.

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