Kavanaugh Defiant in Fox News Interview: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ (UPDATED)


Fox News released the first clips from its exclusive interview with Brett Kavanaugh, the judge’s first television interview since sexual misconduct allegations were made against him.

Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh are set to appear for an interview with Martha MacCallum, on her 7 p.m. show The Story.

In a preview aired on Fox News, Kavanaugh was asked by MacCallum whether he considered withdrawing his nomination.

“I’m not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process,” Kavanaugh replied. “And we’re looking for a fair process where I can be heard and defend my integrity, my lifelong record of promoting dignity & equality for women, starting with the women who knew me when I was 14 years old.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he added.

The judge was first accused of sexual misconduct by Christine Blasey Ford, who claims he assaulted her 36 years ago when the two were in high school. Then, in a New Yorker report on Sunday night, another woman, Debbie Ramirez, accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a dorm party at Yale University. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied both allegations as “smears” and said he won’t be “intimidated into withdrawing” his nomination.

UPDATE 5:07 p.m. EST: In another clip released on Fox News, Kavanaugh denied ever sexually assaulting anyone.

“The truth is, I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise,” Kavanaugh said. “I am not questioning, and have not questioned, that perhaps Dr. Ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone in some place. But what I know, is I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone.”

Kavanaugh also addressed Ford’s claim he assaulted her at a party in 1982:

“I was never at any such party. The other people who alleged to be present have said they do not remember any such party. A woman who was present, another woman who was present who was Dr. Ford’s lifelong friend has said she doesn’t know me and never remembers being at a party with me at any time in her life.”

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