comScore Laura Ingraham Rips Hillary Clinton Over Coronavirus

Keeping Her Accountable: Fox’s Laura Ingraham Rails On How How Hillary Clinton Would Have Handled Coronavirus

As President Donald Trump’s administration continues to draw scrutiny for its response to the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News host Laura Ingraham decided to talk about how alternate universe Hillary Clinton would’ve completely botched the crisis if she was president.

Ingraham defend Trump’s actions to slow the spread of coronavirus on Tuesday night, while asking viewers to “imagine how much worse the situation could be right now if we didn’t have a president who acted fast to stop travel from key high-risk areas.”

“And what if, what if the Wuhan virus had hit after Hillary Clinton had won the presidency?” Ingraham continued. “If her handling of Benghazi is any guide, it would’ve been a nightmare. And certainly her economy would’ve already stalled under her economic policies. We wouldn’t see the growth that we’ve seen under Trump. And what about if Sanders or Biden were president? Same problem, only worse.”

We’ll never know about any of those things for sure, because the Hillary Clinton presidency never happened and Trump has been president for over three years now. It has been 1,219 days since the 2016 election came to an end, and even though the former Democratic nominee has offered commentary about the 2020 election, she’s not on the ballot.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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