LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Urges Caution For Thanksgiving: ‘Don’t Share Your Air And Don’t Do Stupid Things’


“Don’t share your air and don’t do stupid things” was the blunt and straightforward message of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, urging people to exercise caution regarding their Thanksgiving plans this year because of the pandemic.

Garcetti chatted with CNN reporter Paul Vercammen during CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera while checking in on the coronavirus test site at Dodgers Stadium, with cars visible lined up in the background behind him. According to CNN, the testing site has been open and offering free Covid-19 tests to the public from 8 am to 8 pm, testing about 8,000 people each day.

Vercammen asked Garcetti about the recent news regarding California Gov. Gavin Newsom getting caught attending a birthday dinner for an adviser at a post French restaurant, flouting his government’s own pandemic social distancing guidelines. Newsom has since apologized for the lapse of judgment.

Garcetti said that he had not yet spoken to Newsom about the dinner, and empathized, calling this time a “tough, tough moment.”

“We miss each other. We want to spend time with folks that we care about.” said Garcetti. “We got to let people be human but we can’t slip…We can’t let down our guard. Doesn’t matter who we are. That is what causes the spread and in this colder weather that’s why we’re seeing the numbers spike.”

Vercammen asked Garcetti what his message was for people who were concerned about how they would make ends meet if numbers continued to get worse, if he thought Los Angeles was heading for a “complete lockdown” again.

“The good thing about where we are now is we’re smarter than we were in March,” Garcetti replied, saying that a “blanket kind of lockdown…may not be the best way now.”

“It’s not about whether a store is open or not. It’s about your and my behavior,” he continued, urging everyone to stop having in-person gatherings with people outside their households.

“Those things are what’s causing the spread,” he said. “It’s really getting people to realize, cancel those vacation plans now. Do not sneak in other households for Thanksgiving. Get a chicken instead of a turkey, or a small turkey.”

“To me, the mantra is two things: don’t share your air and don’t do stupid things. We all now are smart. And we know the difference between stupid behavior and smart behavior. There will be people who die because of our behavior if we don’t go back to that, you know, disciplined way that in March, April and May we were able to bend this curve down.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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