Los Angeles

Actor Vince Vaughan Arrested for DUI and Resisting Arrest

WATCH: Wild Police Chase Ends With Dog Collaring the Suspect on a Vicious Takedown

‘House Party Enthusiast’ Bros Bring LA City Council to Its Knees in Must Watch Video: ‘Stop This Future Atrocity’

Peacock Demolishes LA Liquor Store, Causes Over $500 in Damage

Racial Slur Spray Painted on LeBron James’ L.A. Home on Eve of NBA Finals

There’s Now a Life-Size Statue of Kanye West as Jesus in Hollywood

WATCH: Cameraman Runs Up to Armed Suspect’s Car to Shoot Footage of Him Inside

Report: Trump Ban ‘Not Helping LA’s Chances’ of Landing 2024 Summer Olympics

‘An Utter Disgrace’: Mike Francesa Blasts NFL, Chargers For Trying to ‘Fleece’ San Diego Before LA Move

The New LA Chargers Logo Looks a Lot Like the Dodgers Logo and Twitter Had Some Fun With That

Watch an Angry San Diego Chargers Fan Egg Team Offices After They Announce Move to LA

Artist Arrested and Charged For Changing Hollywood Sign to Read ‘Hollyweed’

Looks Like Someone Changed the Hollywood Sign to Read ‘Hollyweed’

NFL Stealth Edits Orlando Pace’s Reference to City of St. Louis During Hall of Fame Speech

Stick Figures Get Brutally Dismembered, Killed in LA Metro PSAs

Report: LA Police Arrest Heavily-Armed Man Heading to Gay Pride Parade After Orlando Shooting

Expert Warns: Deadly San Andreas Fault in Southern California ‘Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Roll’

What On Earth Is Happening In California With This Fire and This Mountain Lion?

Burglary Suspects Lead L.A. Police on an Insane Car Chase, Do Donuts

Did This Man Kill His Son Because He Was Gay? These Prosecutors Think So

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