Larry Wilmore Interviews ‘Radical’ Muslim on Nightly Show


Most late night talk show programs have responded to the terrorist attacks in Paris in one of a limited number of ways. Stephen Colbert fought back tears when he was left without anything to say. Trevor Noah channeled former Daily Show host Jon Stewart with a rousing speech about humanity. And John Oliver? Well, he’s on HBO now, so he used the word “asshole” a lotNightly Show host Larry Wilmore, however, took an entirely different approach.

Wilmore and his writers tackled the left’s growing concern with the use of certain terms and adjectives to describe the entirety of Islam — even though the basis for these descriptors were the actions of a select few. As evidenced by the CBS Democratic Debate, “radical Muslims” and “radical Islam” were considered not-very-nice-words-that-might-hurt-people’s-feelings. So what, asked Wilmore, do we call these terrorists instead?

Enter Nightly Show correspondent Fariaz Rabbani, who joined Wilmore as “Mid-East Expert” Rizwan Fahad. Decked out in a traditional keffiyeh, muscle t-shirt and Ray-Bans, Fahad the “radical” Muslim explained what to do.

“Terrorists have taken something that’s really important to me and totally perverted it,” he said.

“Oh right,” said Wilmore. “You mean Islam, right?”

“Nah man, being ‘radical,'” answered Fahad. “I’ve been a ‘radical’ Muslim ever since I got my first BMX bike, but now these ISIS dicks have everyone scared of me.”

So instead of continuously expressing their condolences, offering a moment of silence or engaging in a rage-fueled diatribe against terrorism, Wilmore and Rabbani (Fahad) decided to make fun of American politics’ (and the media’s) concern with what to call ISIS practitioners.

Though Fahad did take a page from Oliver’s book when Wilmore asked him what everyone should call the Paris attackers: “There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, bro, and most of them are totally chill peeps. [The Paris attackers] are just total f*cking assholes.”

Check out the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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