Laura Ingraham Defends Sarah Sanders From Press ‘Mob,’ Slams Twitter ‘Threats’ from April Ryan


Laura Ingraham defended Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders from the “feeding frenzy” that came from the White House Press Corps this week.

Sarah Sanders faced an avalanche of questions regarding President Trump‘s knowledge of Michael Cohen‘s $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, which Rudy Giuliani revealed he had reimbursed and Ingraham noted that “familiar Trump enemies” joined the “anti-Sanders mob.”

She went after MSNBC commentator Mike Barnicle for being “dramatic” when he claimed that the White House’s recent briefings show how “democracies die” and CNN’s Chris Cillizza for writing how Sanders “should quit.”

“These people are going to lecture us about credibility? The press?!?” Ingraham reacted.  Consider the sources, as Brian Stelter might say… For the most part, the White House press pool has become a pack of lupine- look it up- commentators and they’re activists masquerading as journalists.”

The Fox News host said that Sanders is in “a very difficult position” and that she “has to look out for her own credibility” despite being given “scant information” regarding Stormy Daniels and simply “repeated what she was told.”  She also suggested that questions pertaining to ongoing investigations should be addressed to Trump’s legal team instead of the Press Secretary and the fact that she was kept in the dark was “for her own protection” from potentially becoming a witness.

She then singled out White House reporter and CNN commentator April Ryan for engaging in “threats of physical violence” when she tweeted about getting into “fist fights” with Sanders after a heated exchange during a briefing, which the reporter called “gutter.”

“You know what ‘gutter’ is? This Twitter exchange,” Ingraham continued. “Could you imagine if someone on this network started taking off their earrings… and said, ‘Take off your pretty ring and let’s have a street fight with our political opponents?’ It would be instant armageddon! You know what they would do. They would say we were- what, inciting violence!… But these journalists feel protected and free to threaten and slander members of the Trump Administration with abandon. Their shared hatred of president and those he represents unites them in what they do and say. And they think they can do it with impunity. Ms. Ryan has a history of these aggressive tactics.”

Ingraham then invoked Ryan’s dustup with Sanders regarding a pecan pie and a heated exchange she had with former Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

“Here’s the reality: Journalists are representatives in the halls of power. And their job is to ask substantive questions and get answers. They’re not there to be perpetual critics or naysayers with a recurring role or partisan bullies,” Ingraham said. “If you want to raise your profile by staging viral confrontation of public figures, do it on your own time! Get a podcast or be a regular pundit on MSNBC. But if you want to be a journalist and prattle on about credibility, why don’t you start by trying to restore your own?”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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