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Laura Ingraham Offers Trump Advice: Put Aside ‘Twitter Battles’ and ‘Humanize The Agenda’

On Tuesday night, Laura Ingraham attempted to reach out directly to President Trump in order to reverse his historically-low favorability.

The Fox News host mocked the “clowns” on CNN for insisting that Trump doesn’t have “empathy.”

“Maybe the president is sharing his empathy in a different way and I’d argue in his first year, President Trump has shown empathy to the people of this country in action, if not in words at all the times,” Ingraham told her viewers. “Think about his deep feeling for the working people, the middle class, Americans of faith, and job creators, entrepreneurs- it’s all evident in his policies. So if ridding the suburbs of MS-13, lowering taxes, and improving school choice isn’t showing empathy for the middle class, then what is it?”

She then addressed the president himself, praising all the accomplishments he’s fulfilled while acknowledging that the press “will not give him credit.”

“But I’ll tell you this, more voters can and will be on your side with maybe just a few tweaks, a few modest changes” Ingraham told Trump. “Perhaps the time has come to put aside a few of the Twitter battles. I like the tweets, but not all of them. And now it’s time to humanize the agenda you’ve been fighting for.”

Ingraham then said his predecessors President Clinton and President Obama were “masters” at “turning on the tear machine” and “bear hug at the drop of a hat,” but that they were “all emotion” and were often times “no action.” She added it was “possible to do both.”

“I like seeing you out among the people. I like seeing you with children, the elderly, factory workers, volunteers,” she continued. “You can be really charming, and you can be really warm in person and it’s time to let more Americans see that.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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