Laura Ingraham Tears Up During Emotional Town Hall About Violence in Chicago


Laura Ingraham stopped by Chicago earlier this week and filmed a town hall special, which aired Friday night.

Focusing on the out-of-control gang violence, Ingraham spoke with the aunt of Demetrius Griffin Jr., a 15-year-old who was murdered in 2016 after a gang tried recruiting him. He was reportedly burned alive and his remains were found in a 55-gallon drum in an alley.

Rochelle Sykes told Ingraham that his mother is “distraught” and “basically not functioning” since Demetrius was her only son.

“He wasn’t in a gang. He didn’t do drugs. What was it that he could have done so bad that a monster would take his life like that?” Sykes asked. “And two blocks from his home… We have to pass that block every time we visit my mom.”

Sykes told Ingraham that he was so excited for high school and to be on the swim team. He was only two weeks into high school before he was murdered.

“No leads in this case at all?” Ingraham asked.

“No leads,” the aunt responded. “No suspects. Nothing.”

“My heart breaks for you, for [his mother] Polly, for all of his friends, schoolmates,” Ingraham said.

After Sykes the struggle of fundraising efforts, Ingraham began tearing up.

“Give me a hug,” Ingraham softly said to Sykes, who approached her for a hug. “Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry.”

Sykes urged that we “have to protect our children” and that the leaders of Chicago “aren’t concerned.”

“We called the mayor’s office for 30 days straight. We dialed 3-1-1,” Sykes continued. “We called the mayor’s office to get some acknowledgment,  you know, superintendent. We reached out for them.”

“Did [Rahm] Emanuel call you?” Ingraham followed.

“We have not heard from neither one of them yet,” Sykes answered.

“Oh my God,” Ingraham reacted, then turned to the audience. “Is that acceptable to any of you?”

Several audience members shouted “no” as others shook their heads.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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