Law Professor Jonathan Turley Says Ex-CIA Head James Clapper ‘Most Certainly Did Lie to Congress’


With some input from George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, Brian Kilmeade of Fox News took former director of national intelligence James Clapper to task Monday morning.

“I didn’t have any contact with the media after I left the government on the 20th of January,” Clapper claimed to CNN’s Don Lemon last month.

“So you didn’t leak anything about the dossier to any media?” Lemon clarified.

“No, none,” Clapper replied.

Brian Kilmeade disputed this claim, saying that a new congressional report suggests that Clapper “leaked information about the Russian dossier and lied about it to Congress.”

“Clapper most certainly did lie to Congress,” Turley agreed. “He was not indicted. In fact, the statute of limitations ran out not long before he took the job at CNN.”

“There’s a serious issue here,” he continued. “Clapper has already admitted that he did speak with CNN. Now, he is insisting that he didn’t speak to any media until January 20th, but he indicated that he spoke to CNN in early January. The key is that that CNN story ran around January 10th.”

“What’s also interesting is that Comey, the former FBI director, said the CNN was looking for a hook in order to run the story of the dossier. He said that to Trump,” Turley explained. “That hook ultimately became that briefing with Comey. But CNN reported that high level people had confirmed this information with them. If one of those individuals is Clapper, then he has a serious problem. He could be accused, again, of perjury.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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