Lemon: America’s Leaders Need to Act, ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Didn’t Stop Texas Church Shooter


CNN’s Don Lemon led his show tonight with a blunt monologue about how America needs to do something and stop settling for thoughts and prayers every time a mass shooting happens.

As the nation continues to recover from yesterday’s massacre at a Texas church, Lemon wondered “how many more times are we going to have to do this?” He proceeded to list the political figures who responded to the horribleness by offering sympathy to the victims, but no call to action for gun control.

“Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers,” Lemon repeated. “These God-fearing Christians were in church. They were already praying. Thoughts and prayers did not stop an oversight from the Justice system which enabled a guy who attacked his stepson and assaulted his wife from getting a gun. Thoughts and prayers didn’t stop a troubled person from buying assault grade weapons that took the lives of 26 people in an instant.”

Lemon said prayers for the victims are important, and that he was not making a statement against religion or the Second Amendment. He did say, however, that the country’s leaders need to step up and address the tough private gun ownership questions raised by the violence of the last few weeks.

“Our leaders should be leading, not following, and not afraid to be honest with their constituents even when it is unpopular, especially when really it is the constituents’ lives that are at stake, and they are. Leaders stand up to lobbyists. Yes, thoughts and prayers are important. So tonight I hope you will join me in praying that our leaders will actually do something of substance and action this time that precludes another ‘thoughts and prayers’ moment. Remember this: faith without works is dead.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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