Lou Dobbs: CNN Suing to Get Acosta’s Hard Pass Back is ‘Publicity Stunt’


On Thursday, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs suggested the real reason that CNN was suing to get Jim Acosta‘s hard pass back was to get attention and publicity.

Speaking with former Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie — the latest in a long line of Trumpians to have out a new book — Dobbs started out by calling Acosta an “embarrassment.”

“He is an embarrassment and that is one of the reasons that the president decided to take the swift action that he did,” Bossie agreed with Dobbs. “Jim Acosta made that press conference a travesty. And he made about himself. It was his ego-driven speech to the president that, not a question, not a question but a speech.”

Then turning to CNN’s lawsuit, Dobbs said he doesn’t think “anyone should take [it] very seriously” and called it “frivolous.”

“This is a publicity stunt on the part of CNN and they are getting all of this airtime,” Dobbs further opined.  “Most especially, when I am talking about it.”

“They’re desperate for ratings,” Bossie chimed in.  “And that is what they do.”

Watch above,  via Fox News

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