Maddow Trashes GOP ‘Fringe’: They Created Shutdown, Couldn’t Care Less About Horrible Polling

Remember birtherism? Well, Rachel Maddow does, and on Friday she argued that fringe Republicans like that have been the ones pushing the government shutdown all along. Mark Meadows, a Republican congressman who’s made birther comments in the past, was one of the main drivers of Obamacare defunding in the House, and Maddow used him to bash the right for allowing its extremists to drive the agenda here.

Maddow said it’s important to understand that the reason the shutdown happened is because these conservative fringe people “have a different set of values” and a very different idea about what can be considered “reasonable politics.”

She brought up the horrible poll numbers the GOP got this week, and normally parties would “alter their behavior,” “but instead, the response from the drivers of the shutdown is ‘Polls? Those are skewed!'”

And what alarmed Maddow most is that this isn’t typical left vs. right politics, this goes way beyond that, and so there’s really no way of accurately predicting what the hell is coming next.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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